JpBellona's Simple Kinect not displaying anything

edited February 2017 in Kinect

Hi, I'm trying to use Jon Bellona's Simple Kinect software along with processing code. I am running a skeleton tracking code along with simple kinect v.1.0.2 with my kinect connected to my laptop. The OSC port is set to 8000 and the address is host. In my processing code it says that oscP5 is running but listening at 3301.

I'm basically just trying to get the skeleton tracking data and display on my computer but at the moment when sending all joints nothing is being displayed on my screen. My kinect is connected and the red infrared light is on so its receiving something. Is it a case of changing the port, if so how or is there another problem or another piece of code I need to run along side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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