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Hi, our team would like to apply for a project in Processing Foundation and it will be our no. 1 on application for Rails Girls Summer of Code 2017.

We would like to ask you the following questions: - Can we apply only for the project - What are then the requirements to apply for this project as 2 Pythonistas?

Thank your for your help! Best wishes, Marie & Ines Team NK42



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    Thanks for your interest! You can absolutely apply to work on If you haven't used any of the Processing Foundation tools before, I would start by familiarizing yourself with Processing to start. The website will give you a good sense of the community and possibilities if you look through the examples, tutorials, and exhibition. You can then head over to to see how our repos are organized. Python Mode is maintained separately here:

    We're open to any and all ideas regarding improving Python Mode. Because it is built on top of Jython, it doesn't integrate with existing Python libraries and packages like numpy, scipy, nltk, and more. This is one possible area of exploration.

    Feel free to post ideas or additional questions here!

  • Thank you very much for your answer! We talked with our coaches about the task (integrate with existing Python libraries and packages) and they said, that it might be difficult for us – because we need to know very specific stuff about integration and it’s not so ideal for improving our python beginner skills.

    Maybe we could develop an project using

  • And if not, then would you have tasks&goals for us in which are only in Python? ...while we will learn a lot about Python, it seems that Jython too hard for us to understand whole picture and also understand Python especially

  • One avenue could possibly be improving the documentation and examples for I would suggest taking a look at the website + github, and make suggestions as to what you might like to expand / improve / develop?

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