Spyrographics (Plugin for resolume)

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Here you got all the code in GITHUB https://github.com/Aurelian24/Spyrographics

Is a visual software for making visuals acording to a spirograph. It works as a plugin in resolume but you can use it with out it.

Its use the MINIM library for sound.

OSCP5 and MIDI. You can move the objects using an app.

(Instructions of how to use it and more stuff in the link in github).

hope you like it ;)





  • @Aurelian24 -- Wonderful work -- the example image really communicates all the different spirogaph possibilities.


    The thread title is "Spirographics" and the github repo is "Spyrographics" -- which is the plugin name?

  • Thanks man ! Spyrographics is the real name.

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