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..think i'm may be not in the right post....??

i dlike to know if there is an example using raspberry pi connected with an mpu6050, both on network, and processing reading tcp values from...

may be i must post in raspberry users..

thanks for yours answers..

again bruno..



  • @ieee There's nothing fully written out, as far as I know, but it shouldn't be hard to do, given the amount of public documentation and code for Arduino floating around.

    I'd start by looking at the example sketches for I2C communication - e.g. I2CCompass - and then modify it to talk to the MPU-6050 instead.

    Happy to help with any specific problems. Please consider sharing your code also!

  • thank you Gohai...

    the things i want to do is to monitoring severals informations from my rpi or arduino but receiving that in a simple http page, and my problem is to get real- time streams or real-time flux in html mode...i wonder if that exist... so if it is, i could see thoses actives informations everywhere in the world on an http service port 80 or 8080.. i search for example a counter that i can read in real time whitout refresh my html page..(hard isn'it !!.... if you got plans for it...i'm listening carefuly yours answers.....

    many thanks to all of you...

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