[OSX 10.6] Processing 2.1 does not supports it

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I am curious :

Processing 2.1 drops OSX 10.6 support because of Java 7u45 ( or 7u40 or later ) requirement ?

If so , it depends on the fact that Processing now is only 64-bit on OS X , because it supports only Oracle's Java and Oracle's Java only supports 64-bit machines ?

If so , what in is so essentially essential in Java 7 for Processing ?

I own an old Macbook supporting only osx 10.6.8 ( ok , ok , seems that there are some workarounds to install more recent versions or I can always reinstall some Linux flavor on it ) , I won't buy a new Mac just to use the last Processing version and I am wondering if I am missing something really unmissable in the 2.1 version ...

Thank you


  • Processing uses Java, but doesn't define how Java evolves and runs. We're entirely at the mercy of decisions that Apple and Oracle make. We needed to switch to 7 for a number of reasons. I recommend reading the revisions, these notes don't tell the full story, but it's a start: https://raw.github.com/processing/processing/master/build/shared/revisions.txt

  • Thank you for the reply .

    I had already read the text , but I can not find anything ( or maybe "retina displays" are the point ) about the need to switch Java version and drop 10.6 support . Maybe the reason is in the rest of the full story .

    Well , I can always continue using an old version , I am just curious .

    P.S. : "Unfortunately Java 7 is also much larger than Java 6" is my favorite point : )

  • From what I gather you no worst of than many other Mac users, including those with shiny new systems with Mavericks installed, who invariably seem to end up installing java-6 from Apple and then use processing-2.0.3.

  • I am a user of osx 10.9 (not sure that was a well thought-through upgrade), and I can't run processing 2.1 at all even after installing oracle java 7u45 ... seems I will not enjoy the merits of 2.1 anytime soon

  • Processing 2.1 runs on OS X 10.9 with Java 7u45. You may open the Java Control Panel and delete the cache files.

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