Processing3 running really slow on RPI3

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Im not sure what I could expect performance wise from Processing3 so I just want to throw this out there.

I have a really simply app running on a RPI3 it displays a (750kb .png) at full screen(1920x1080) and occasionally draws some ellipses on top of it.

It runs at about 6 fps - is this normal , or am I doing something incorrectly?



  • Are you loading the image inside draw()?

    Could be any number of things, including a low powered device.

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    Hi Koogs

    Thanks for the interest, i've attached the code below. (i'm not sure how to format it in the forum post).

    PImage img;
    void setup() {
      img = loadImage("Background.png");  // .jpg image 750kb 1920x1280(size)
      img.resize(width, 0);
      // FONT
      font = createFont("Jaden.ttf", 55);
      smallFont = createFont("Jaden.ttf", 32); 
    void draw() {
      image(img, 0, 0);   
  • that looks ok, but it doesn't do what your description said it does (no ellipses)

    your filename says png, your comment says jpg... font and smallFont aren't defined (or used)

  • This is something on my radar... for some reasons, framerates really suffer when outputting to a high resolution monitor, whereas things are fine on lower resolutions.

    @usernamevalid One thing you could try is to install the compton compositor, which might help, although I haven't tried so myself.

  • @koogs I dont have the code on me right now so this was the basic outline of what was happening. Ill post the exact code later this evening. Even so i get really slow frame rates just displaying the image at high resolutions. Do not experience this?

    @gohai thanks ill look into this. So you experience the same thing? slow FPS when display full screen on rpi (1920x1080)


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