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Every time anybody tick a post of mine as an answer, I get a notification. However when I check the notification, it says something along the lines "User accepted your answer". However I don't seem to be able to reach the answered post because the notification only provides link to my profile or to the user profile. It would be great if the notification provided a direct link to the actual post. How could I request a change to this feature?




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    what kind of notification?

    i get an email which says something like

    "User accepted Your answer.

    Follow the link below to check it out:

    Have a great day!"

    and that link will take me to the post in question. is this because my web-based email doesn't allow html email?

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    This is the notification in the forum, and there is no link to the answered post, which is a pain in the proverbial ;)

  • @koogs, the same link that is sent to the email, it would be great if it was provided in the notification right in the forum. I think it is just a very small detail. @quark just described my problem in other figurative terms.

    The email is a partial solution, but when I browse/check posts, usually I don't do it from my emails but from the actual forum.


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    Yes, the in-forum notifications "accepted your answer" appear in the notifications list:

    ...and they are not useful because they link back to your profile. The emails are useful because they link to the accepted answer.

    It would be nice if they were replaced with a link to the question... in question. That might be a Vanilla setting, or it might involve editing a Vanilla template file. IANAA (admin)

    You can turn the notifications off!

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