Maxlink link error


It appears there is a link error when attempting to get max to communicate with processing. It looks like this:Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 15.00.21 I was wondering what the possible cause of that could be. I am using MAX 7, latest java version, and 0.36 of Maxlink


  • I believe this question is partially being addressed in the following post by the same OP:

    In order to have more responses, you should consider:
    1. No screenshots of your code as other ppl won't be able to search it
    2. Post your code so ppl can run it

    Please continue any further discussion there.


  • Indeed, there appears to be a very specific issue I'm running into. I now have the Maxlink library running correctly, however there appears to be something wrong on Max MSP's end. Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.33.16

    The code relevant to the task of running Maxlink is below

    import maxlink.*; MaxLink link = new MaxLink(this,"Coircle");

    I'm hoping someone who has run Maxlink can help me with finding a solution to this issue. Thanks

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