Not able to load SVG on a Pi...

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I needed to load a SVG file for my latest project. I put Pshape and everything. When I started the program, the console gave me [FATAL] :1:1 Content is not allowed in prolog. It also says org.xml.sax.SAXParseException. Please help, all answers are helpful. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B with the latest Raspbain. I'm also a noob, with Processing, so this is probably a simple fix. Many thanks :-bd


  • Give us some sample code that recreates the problem.

  • Sounds like a bad svg given that it's having trouble parsing the XML. Can you link to it?

  • Sorry for the late response but I think there is a piece of the problem that I figured out. It seems that the Raspi ,that uses an ARM architecture, can't do the same "things" as computer with a x86 architecture. This may not be completely true but this is what I can gather from using a SVG import program for awhile.

    I know this is not the answer you guys where looking for but another problem arose. I decided that I could render the SVG on another non-pi computer and using the amazing processing networking library send input to the pi. If you are confused, my code may demystify your confusion.

    2017-01-02-170133_357x448_scrot 2017-01-02-170212_390x444_scrot

    screenshot mishap, remove this from your mind, the extra triangle code. 2017-01-02-170231_340x446_scrot

    The basic shapes are placeholders. I thought to load the SVG on a regular computer, then send information to my pi through the network library. Can you help me figure out how too connect the Pi to my computer. Thank you so much for helping me!

  • my code may demystify your confusion.

    i still think it's the svg itself.

    and i'm not going to type all your code in. post it as code, not as a picture.

    better still, post the svg source if it's small enough. format it as source.

    we saw something recently that was similar:

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    How do you put in code into a post and a source? I'm new to all this forum Markdown stuff, I apologize.

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