How to upload the processing sketch to my Raspberry pi3. and how to connect the board with my comput

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First How to connect the RPI3 with my computer ?.

How to upload the code into my RPI from my computer ?.

I am using RPI library in my processing.


windows 7,

Processing 3.2.3 with installed RPI libs and tools. I got upload to PI option on my tools options.


  • Have you got experience with using a RPI3?

  • Yes. I already used this raspberry pi 3.

  • Good. Then all you need to do is open up a browser (assuming you have one) on your RPI3, download processing on the RPI3 and write code directly on it.
    You can think of communication b/w your RPI3 and main computer later on.

  • "Upload to PI" streamlines the workflow if you want to code/edit your sketch on your Mac/Win computer and run it on your Raspberry PI -- a handy workflow for installation work. Description/details are in the readme:

    I just got it working from my Mac to my RPI2, so I'll document my steps here:

    • Install "Upload to PI" library for Processing on your Mac/Win computer.
    • Get Processing installed on your PI as discussed at (I used the image with Processing pre-installed.)
    • Boot up your PI, making sure it's on the same router as your Mac/Win computer.
    • Open your sketch on your Mac/Win, then click Tools->Upload to PI. ( By default "upload to PI" assumes you're using default settings for the pi hostname, username, and password, though you can change them in the config if you need to.)

    "Upload to PI" should now find your PI on the network, upload your sketch to your Pi home directory, and start running it on the PI. (Progress will be indicated on the Mac/PC side.) By default, your Pi will now automagically boot directly into the most recently uploaded sketch (also configurable if you don't want that behavior.)

    For some reason the upload failed with timeout errors the first time I tried it, but it worked fine the second time. I have an external drive set up on my PI, so it's possible my PI was just sluggish waking up.

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