Using processing on the web (with libraries)

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Hello Processing community!

I'm doing a face morphing project with Processing (and some external libraries), and since I heard java files can't be used with processing.js I was wondering how I will be able to make it appear on my website.
This is the problematic file. I need to use other Java files, too, but those can be rewritten in Processing.
Any ideas?



  • Since all the functions are static, just shift them all to the main class i.e. the main .pde.

  • If I'm understanding correctly, is this your question...?

    "How can I create a p5.js or processing.js sketch for the web that uses a Java library or class (for example, Shiffman's from Face-It) without rewriting the Java code in JavaScript?"

  • That's what I understood. That's why I told him to do that. However, he needs to remember the problems with licences if he publishes it.

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