Superimpose a mouse cursor over an HDMI live stream

Hi, I current have an ARM linux based board with an HDMI video input, I would like to do add a mouse cursor over the video, and output this video to a dedicated monitor.

If anyone can direct me on where to start I would greatly appreciate it!



  • Check the capture examples. In the processing IDE, go to menu File>>Examples and then go to the folder Libraries>>Video>>Capture. Notice that to get access to the examples, you need to install the Video library. Through the Processing IDE, go to Sketch>>Import Library>>Add library and add the video lib there.

    GettingStartedCapture.pde is a good example for you. It shows how to access the available capture devices. If you run the example first without your HDMI connected, and then with the HDMI connected, you will see that the new elements in the list corresponds to the definition of your capture device. Select one of them and loaded in your sketch. If you video input stream does not show there, then post below.

    output this video to a dedicated monitor

    How do you access this dedicated monitor? A second screen from your PC/laptop?


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    Hi , the signal loop is camera hdmi signal goes in firefly 3288 reload arm board hdmi input. Then first hdmi output goes into a tv screen , the second one to a pc monitor. However , the pc monitor out is not necessary. I can disconnect it. What I need is help with how to get the usb mouse signal integrated over the video via some realtime video proccessing on the arm board. Right now im lookin at the openCV package docs but im not sure it will do the job.. need some software tip on how to get the job done. Tnx again

  • Yes, I am not familiar with your setup. I will let other forum goers assist you. The only thing is that if your laptop seems the HDMI input as any other capture (camera) devices, then the gettingStartedCapture.pde will be a good way to start. If if you don't see your device when running that example, then you will need other resources.


  • @hanban --

    Most forum members will not be able to replicate your setup, so please be very clear about what you already have working.

    What are you starting with? Have you tried basic video examples sketches? Have you got a sketch running without the cursor? Is it based on an example, or can you share the code of a minimal working video sketch?

    Are you familiar with the cursor() command?

  • Ill get back to u when board arrives in mail and we can go on from there. Tnx!

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