Store all Console output for display in exported app?

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I am creating a program that uses an Xbox Kinect to manipulate a 3D object, and I have a lot of information outputting to the Processing Console. Some of this information I can control, such as my threshold and zoom variables, but some of it I can't, like errors thrown by the Kinect library and such.

I have searched the forums and Google to find a way to grab the console output, but I have only been able to find discussions about logging the output to a file. What I am trying to do is mimic the Processing Console in my final program by keeping a buffer of the last X output messages (from both println() and System.err.out()) and show them to the user on request.

Like I said, I know I could wrap my print statements in something that both stores them and outputs them to the debugging console, but I can't do that for external libraries and other runtime exceptions. I am looking for a general way to intercept the standard output and store it in an array (or two, one for errors and one for messages).

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.


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    Look up three things-

    So all you have to do is create your own OutputStream, use it to create a PrintStream and set the System's out and err to that PrintStream. Since your OutputStream will have its own custom write(byte b) method, use it to store all the bytes to a new Array, then it can be converted into a String too.
    P.S. The write method actually accepts an int, but since only the 8 low-order bits are written, I mentioned is as byte.

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