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Like the title says I want to export my processing code to a single exe file that I could just easily send around

I know there's a export function in processing but I don't see a way to export the program to a single file, Then I thought I could just turn the jar into an exe but it appears you need 2 jar files so that wouldn't work either

Also is there a way to make sure windows doesn't detect my program as a virus? without marking it with "Trusted" so I can just send it to anyone without having to ask them to whitelist it

Thanks anyway :D



  • Does anyone else know the answer to creating a single exe?

    I saw a similar question recently, and I don't know anything about unified Windows executables that hide the jar.

  • without marking it with "Trusted" so I can just send it to anyone

    I don't think you can email code that will run on other computers without permission -- and that's probably a very good thing.

    One way to streamline the process is to get a developer certificate and self-sign your code. That usually costs money.

    Another is discussed here, and generally involves running things on your own computer (or getting permission once for everything you create):


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    i think Kevin wrote something once that did something like this, haven't used it myself. it's in the tools and is called JarMatey


    no idea how up to date it is, and it seems like the kind of thing a new release of processing would break.

  • @KevinWorkman -- is JarMatey still working and would it be relevant to this problem?

  • JarMatey should still work fine. It's nothing too fancy: it just bundles all of the library and native files needed, and then extracts them to a temp directory to run the application.

    But honestly I've sorta abandoned the project. If you want to deploy your sketch, your only real option is to convert it to JavaScript using Processing.js or P5.js. Anything else is going to require setup (at least of Java), so you might as well just use the bundling that comes with Processing. It's a little annoying, but that's the price you pay.

    That being said: sure, JarMatey should still work fine.

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