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Hi all, I read through some projects and I saw '' &rt ''. Can anyone help me to explain what it mean? Thanks a lot!


  • can we have a bit more context?

    & is bitwise AND and can be used to extract values out of bigger values, like colours:


    but without more context it's hard to say...

  • void edges() {
        // x-direction
        if (loc.x &rt; world) {
          loc.x = 0;
        else if (loc.x < 0) {
          loc.x = world;
        // y-direction
        if (loc.y &rt; world) {
          loc.y = 0;
        else if (loc.y < 0) {
          loc.y = world;
        // z-direction
        if (loc.z &rt; 0) {
          loc.z = -world;
        else if (loc.z < -world) {
          loc.z = 0;
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    that looks like mangled html markup - you have to escape less than and greater than in html because that's what denotes the start of html tags.

    but that's usually & lt; and & gt; respectively.


    rt looks like an error.

    but you can guess the meaning - that code is checking to make sure values are within limits.

    so i'd say that's mangled & gt; for > (maybe someone confused 'less than' and 'greater than' for 'left tag' and right tag')

  • Only the &lt; is needed for HTML! >-)

  • http://clausclaus.com/Agent-Behavior I found this in his Agent Project, but I can not understand how it works

  • &rt; should be replace with > so it seems.


  • @123nqk456 -- Yep, those &rt;s are not valid Processing, and they won't work. They should be >. That > is sometimes a reserved character in html -- in order to make it appear correctly, it must sometimes be html encoded by writing it like this: &gt;

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