4x4 Matrix Keypad in Processing ???

Hey, does anyone know if there's a way to use a 4x4 Matrix Keypad in processing???? Help would be much appreciated


  • If the keypad is like an external keyboard, you should be able to run a simple sketch to test it.


    String currentKey="";
    void setup(){
    void draw(){
    void keyPressed(){
  • Is that what you actually meant?

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    @kleal -- it depends on what kind of matrix keypad, and how it is connected.

    As @kfrajer mentions, if this is a basic usb keypad that acts like a plugin keyboard, you don't have to do anything special. If you open a text file and press the buttons, does the keypad type "1 2 3" in the text file? Then Processing will treat it just like a keyboard -- just use keyPressed, key, and keyCode.

    If it isn't that simple -- what kind of keypad is it, and how is it connected?

  • @jeremydouglass What will happen if more than one keypad is connected to the computer?

  • It is like having two mice connected to the computer... I guess it'll be the same for two keypads. That is why I ask to test it using a simple sketch.


  • It is normal for computers to have multiple keyboards and mice connected. A laptop with an external keyboard and mouse plugged in has two keyboards and two mice. Try plugging three keyboards in to a computer and using all three. If they are all standard / HID it works just fine.

  • Oh yes of course, I should have noticed as I use an external mouse on my laptop. Thanks!

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