Java mode .isPlaying()

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First, I don't see a Java mode category for my question. This has probably been asked hundreds of times and I think it works differently in p5.js mode. I notice that when calling the .isPlaying() method, before the sound starts playing, it has no value, shouldn't it be 0? (I get a null point exception if I call it before the sound starts), since it returns an int of 1 when it starts playing. And shouldn't it return to 0 when the sound is done playing, currently it just stays at 1 (this doesn't make any sense, most people would like to know when the sound stops playing). It would solve a lot of my problems if it worked this way.



  • As stated in my question, there is no Java mode category for my question, this is a Java mode question! I was just saying that I think it works differently in p5.js.

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