Turning my program into a standalone .EXE

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Hi everybody, and sorry if this isn't the right place to post that. But, what should I do in order to get a single .exe file which will do the same as my program? What would be required in order to do such thing?



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    Do you mean Menu > File > Export Application ? Or is there something more specific you are trying to accomplish?

    For Processing 2 there is also a Contributed Tool: Applet Exporter and Signer, by @quark.

  • Hi back Jeremy ;) Well, it seems to work for a web environment, but what I look to do, at least for the moment is to have a PC version.

  • So are you using Processing 2 or 3?

    In Processing 3, Menu > File > Export Application gives me this:


  • Also, sorry, I was too fast, haven't seen the second folder has been created with the included JRE... It now works not bad, I still would like to have only one .exe file, without any bound folders, that would be great even if I can live without.

    Also, about the applet, it's only about web, true? (don't know anything about these applets yet)

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