How to get a sound to play when I click an object

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import ddf.minim.*;
int rad = 30;                                   // Width of the shape
float xpos, ypos;                               // Starting position of shape    
float xspeed = 4.5;                             // Speed of the shape
float yspeed = 4.5;                             // Speed of the shape    
int xdirection = 1;                             // Left or Right
int ydirection = 1;                             // Top to Bottom
int score=0;                                     //Inital score
int lives=5;                                     //Number of lives you start with
boolean lost=false;                              //Have you lost yet?                  
int speed=1;   
PImage bg;
int y;
AudioPlayer player;
Minim minim;

void setup() 
  size(1297, 736);
  minim = new Minim(this);
  ellipse(xpos, height/10,100,100);
  xpos = width/2;                               // Set the starting position of the shape
  ypos = height/2;
  bg = loadImage("stem.jpg");                   //Load Image (jpg,png,gif)
  player = minim.loadFile("Song.wav");          //Load Audio File (mp3,wav)


void draw() 

  xpos = xpos + ( xspeed * xdirection );         // Update the position of the shape
  ypos = ypos + ( yspeed * ydirection );

  if (xpos > width-rad || xpos < rad) {          // Test to see if the shape exceeds the boundaries of the screen
                                                 // If it does, reverse its direction by multiplying by -1
    xdirection *= -1; 
  if (ypos > height-rad || ypos < rad) {
    ydirection *= -1;

  ellipse(xpos, ypos, rad, rad);                    //Draw the shape
  text("score = "+score,10,10);                     //Print the score on the screen
  text("lives = "+lives,width-80,10);               //Print remaining lives
  if (lives<=0)                                     //Check to see if you lost
    text("Click to Restart", 450,200);
    noLoop();                                       //Stop looping at the end of the draw function
void mousePressed()                                 //Runs whenever the mouse is pressed
  if (dist(mouseX, mouseY, xpos, ypos)<=rad)        //Did we hit the target?
    score=score+speed;                              //Increase the speed
    speed=speed+1;                                  //Increase the Score
  else                                              //We missed
    if (speed<1)                                    //If speed is greater than 1 decrease the speed
    lives=lives-1;                                  //Take away one life
  if (lost==true)                                   //If we lost the game, reset now and start over 
    speed=1;                                        //Reset all variables to initial conditions
    loop();                                         //Begin looping draw function again

As shown above, i'm able to get a song to play in the background using the minim library, i have a spare 'ding' sound effect, which i would love to add to the click of my mouse when i click the ball, the only problem is i'm unsure on how to do so. So basically, everytime the ball is clicked it produces a 'ding' sound. Thankyou to everyone who can take the time to help me!



  • What you need to do is use another Audio player to play the sound. If you start getting into more than one sample then you need to implement something called a sound pool. This allows you to cache your samples in an array ready to use whenever you want to play a certain sound. This can be implemented in a number of ways but I implement it using a hashmap.

    class SoundWindowsController implements ISoundController {
      Minim minim;
      HashMap soundPoolMap;
      //The parent processing class is PApplet 
      SoundWindowsController(PApplet _this) {
        minim = new Minim(_this) ;
        soundPoolMap = new HashMap(enum_SoundFX.values().length);
        //Load the sounds
        for (enum_SoundFX sfx : enum_SoundFX.values()) {
          try {
            soundPoolMap.put(sfx, minim.loadFile(sfx+".mp3"));
          catch(Exception e) {
           println("CANNOT LOAD SOUND FILE "+ sfx+".mp3");
      public void play(enum_SoundFX _val) {
        try {
        catch(Exception e) {
          println("CANNOT LOAD SOUND : "+_val);
      public void stop() {
      void free() {
        minim = null;
        soundPoolMap = null;

    Note that I use inversion of control so I can have a compatible Android and Windows version but you can strip this out.

    My sounds are within a enum

    enum  enum_SoundFX {

    So when the object is created the files are loaded automatically as they are named the same as the enum.

    To play a same I just pass the enum of the sound I want to play i.e.;
  • Sorry. I am new to this forum and as of yet not sure how to pretty code. Guessing it is not the pre tag

  • BTW soundfx is an instance of SoundWindowsController i.e.
    ISoundController soundfx = new SoundAndroidController(this);

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    @jellyfish, Thanks for the response! Is there a way i can add a second sound using the minim library? Just call it something else and make it so under my voidmouseclicked it will register the sound as i click my ball?

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