Getting tessellation shaders to work in Processing 2.1

edited December 2013 in GLSL / Shaders

Hey guys,

I've been researching shaders beyond vertex/fragment in Processing 2.1.

I've succesfully gotten geometry shaders to work, see: GeomShaderExplode & GeomShaderShrink

Now I'm trying to do the same for tessellation shaders, see my progress so far: TessellationShader

But it's not working and the error message is very undescriptive: "OpenGL error 1282 at top endDraw(): invalid operation"

Does anybody have good suggestions or better yet fixes to get these shaders to work as well?




  • Hello Amnon, I opened an issue about the support of geometry and tessellation shaders. Let's continue the discussion on github since this could be considered an enhancement request.

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