Processing IDE won't start

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Hi, It happened yesterday, at 1pm it was working and at 6pm didn't. I don't remember changing anything. I just know that processing IDE starts but the process javaw.exe disapears from taskmanager and nothing more happens. I searched the web and tryed some things but nothing works. Please help, I need it for class..




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    It's a shot in the dark. But how about using a cleaning program such as CCleaner to remove any trash from Windows; including registry as well? b-(

    Another option is use a virtual machine emulator like VirtualBox. And install a Windows or even a Linux in it. Then install Processing in that clean-slated OS. ~O)

  • You could try System Restore to restore Windows to a point before 1pm yesterday.

  • Try deleting the folder where your preferences.txt file is. It works for some people. Perhaps do a backup before, in case you want to restore some settings.

  • Have you read the Troubleshooting notes?

  • Thanks for the replies, I got it, I deleted processing folder from appData and restart computer. I have tryed before delete the processing files from appData but nothing changed.

    Thanks ;)

  • I just added a new description to the Troubleshooting page to help clarify:

    With the release of Processing 2+ we've seen more "Processing won't start!" issues. As of 11 October 2013, we've only been able to verify this issue in relation to a Library, Tool, or Mode stopping Processing from starting up. Try the fix below as the first step. If that doesn't work, please look for help on the Processing Forum. We've tested the releases and thousands of people are able to start Processing. We clearly want to fix this, so please engage in the Forum discussions. If you find that a specific Tool, Mode, or Library is the problem after following the steps below please write to the author of that extension.

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