Where to find jobs in creative coding


I am new to this forum and to the field of "creative coding". I am a computer scientist and I have been programming on and off using different languages for the past 20 years. I am looking and in need of a career switch. I like programming and I like visual art, so when I came across "creative coding", I was thrilled by the idea of pursuing a career in this direction. The thing is:

  1. I am not sure where to look to be hired as a "creative coder", who is hiring? what job titles should I be looking for?
  2. Given that I am a computer guy and I have been (web) programming for a while now, how should I complement my skills to be hired as a "creative coder"? Is learning (without real world experience/project) Processing a necessary and sufficient condition to find my next dream job in "creative coding"?

Thanks a lot for your help,




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