PixelFlow Library - Update v1.18 (58)

I'd like to announce PixelFlow, a new Processing Library i've been working on lately.

Its focus is on physics simulation, computergraphics and computervision, GLSL, ... basically things I am interested in.
Current features include Fluid-Simulation, SoftBody dynamics, Imageprocessing Filters (lots of ..., corner detection, optical flow, convolution kernels, etc...), ... . Most of it is, or will be, implemented in GLSL-Shaders.
New Features will be added continuously.
For a more detailed list have a look at the JavaDoc.



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    Beautiful, @T-D !

    I am particularly taken by the Liquid Text example sketch. Thank you for sharing this as a library.

  • Wow! You should definitely post it @ Reddit as well: =D>

  • [Update]

    Skylight Renderer

    here is the blog post with some description what it can do and how it works:


  • Wow. Stunning effect.

    How would you describe the PixelFlow library now that it is fluid, softbody, and ... a lighting engine? Is the common theme "physics"?

  • yes, the common theme is physics simulation, altough i wouldnt label it as a physics library since its more of a loose collection of independent tools and utils that i am personally interested in and where i can test ideas and algorithms. E.g. there is a package only for image processing and computer vision (optical flow, filters, corner detection etc...).

    The new renderer is basically some quick and dirty way do get a shaded scene with soft-shadows without much effort (no GI). Usually you have to export your scene and render it in another app or use the sunflow renderer (GI, path tracer), ... but both is far from realtime or interactive.

  • nice

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    Update PixelFlow v1.03 (43)



    The example "Shadertoy_Test" shows how to get started. Basically its possible to either design your shaders offline in processing or online using shadertoy.

    I only started recently to browse through shadertoy demos (it kind of kills my browser) and I found so many amazing GLSL pieces, that I couldnt resist to try to get them running from inside Processing.

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    Update PixelFlow v1.07 (47)

    • Flow Field Particles - GPU verlet particle simulation (collisions, cohesion, obstacles, ...)

    • New and reorganized examples

    • fixes

  • Update PixelFlow v1.13 (53)

    • Flow Field Particles, updated
    • Flow Field Shader: Line Integral Convolution / Streamlines
    • new examples
    • BugFixes, e.g. Point sprite Rendering (OS/driver Issues)
    • ...




  • Update PixelFlow v1.18 (58)

    • Skylight updates
    • Dynamic frame-resizing
    • examples, fixes, ...

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