How do I set the OpenGL device?

I recently started playing around with the "PixelFlow" library and the framerate is bad. The code is running on the iGPU : (console output)

PixelFlow v0.18  -
    OPENGL_VENDOR:         Intel
    OPENGL_RENDERER:       Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
    OPENGL_VERSION:        4.4.0 - Build
    GLSLVersionString:     #version 440 core
    GLSLVersionNumber:     4.40.0
    GLVersion:             4.4 (Core profile, arb, compat[ES2, ES3], FBO, hardware) - 4.4.0 - Build
    GLVendorVersionNumber: 20.19.15 (- Build

Is it possible to use my GTX 960M?

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