Setting img as background - Coordinate out of bounds

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Hey guys, I'm trying to display and image as my background in the void setup() but it shows me the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException: Coordinate out of bounds! error. However, when I use background(img); in the void draw() , it works.

PImage sourceImg;
int dw, dh;

void setup () {
  sourceImg = loadImage("test2.jpg");
  dw = sourceImg.width;
  dh = sourceImg.height;
  surface.setSize(dw, dh);
  background(sourceImg); //HERE IT GIVES ME THE ERROR

void draw() {
  //background(sourceImg); //HERE IT WORKS

I don't know how to fix this. I need the background image to be drawn one time at the start of the program. What does that error mean?

Thx in advance!


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