Anyone been able to install Processing 2.1 and import SimpleOpenNi library on RPi3?

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So I have been trying to install Processing 2.2.1 on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B since it was the last version to support the most powerful (used to be open-sourced) libraries for the Kinect. I currently have the Processing 2.1 installed on my Mac and the simpleOpenNi libraries. I now want to see if the RPi3 can as well. I've been seeing that some people on this forum that have Processing 2 installed already on their RPi2 so I was wondering if someone could give me some detailed steps on how to build it as I receive errors after trying to run it: "weird ASCII characters here" not found
    /home/pi/Desktop/processing-2.2.1/java/bin/java: 2: /home/pi/Desktop/processing-2.2.1/java/bin/java: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

As for the SimpleOpenNi, any direction on building it would be greatly appreciated as I get errors:

    /Installing OpenNI

    copying shared libraries...OK
    copying executables...OK
    copying include files...OK
    creating database directory...OK
    registering module '' .../usr/bin/niReg: 1: /usr/bin/niReg: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")


  • I wouldn't bother with Processing 2.2.1 - it's a very old version.

  • But do any newer versions support openni? I know structure sensor opened. OpenNi 2.2, I just don't know if the new processing version for raspberry pi will support it

  • Thanks for making me aware of that library. I'll plan to have a look at it, but might take a while.

  • Yes, currently they have a build for arch ARM but still have not tested on it as well. I will be testing the build these next few days and post any progress here. Again, this library will only work on Processing 2.2.1 and I believe you have to have Java 6 SDK installed as well for code to compile.

  • @esreyna95

    I looked into it: there was never a publicly released ARM (v6) build of NITE, as far as I could tell, and the source code hasn't been released, so that rules out any SimpleOpenNI library for the Raspberry Pi & ARM, I am afraid.

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