Using oscP5 to send/receive unique messages (addrPattern??)

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I'm trying to send a unique osc message depending on what "button" I click in my sketch. Each button will trigger a different animation in another sketch.

I'm not sure what the best way is to send unique, specific osc messages -- is it with OscPlug? OscArgument? Having trouble understanding addrPattern and how to set and then extract a specific int or string to OscMessage




  • There are some examples in this link that is a good start:

    You can see how the address pattern plays a role for message selection and you can see how the OscPlug function works. In general, when you instantiate a message you will assign it an address pattern (a label in other words). To this message you can attach values at your desire. When you read the messages (in the second sketch for example), you need to check for the label of the message to process it accordingly.

    I hope this helps,


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