OpenCV with OpenKinect and Xbox Kinect V2

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hi everyone,

i am trying build a face detection with the opencv and openkinect libraries. for the image input i want to use the xbox kinect v2. i am basing my code on the face detection example.

this is my code so far:

import gab.opencv.*;
import java.awt.Rectangle;

/* KINECT */
import org.openkinect.freenect.*;
import org.openkinect.freenect2.*;
import org.openkinect.processing.*;

OpenCV opencv;
Kinect2 kinect2;

Rectangle[] faces;

void setup() {
  opencv = new OpenCV(this, 640/2, 480/2);
  size(640, 480);
  // Kinectv2
  kinect2 = new Kinect2(this);
  faces = opencv.detect();

void draw() {
  image(kinect2.getVideoImage(), 0, 0, 640, 480);

  stroke(0, 255, 0);
  for (int i = 0; i < faces.length; i++) {
    rect(faces[i].x, faces[i].y, faces[i].width, faces[i].height);

the problem seems to be in the line "opencv.loadImage(kinect2.getVideoImage());" since the detection does not work. when working with the isight camera (using the build-in function "capture" and "video"-add-on) instead of kinect everything works perfectly fine.

can anyone help?

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