Kinect Physics Example updated for Processing 3 and openKinect library

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I updated Amnon Owed's fantastic example of using Kinect with blob detection and box2D physics in his Creative Applications tutorial. The openNI library he used doesn't work in Processing 3 so I got Shiffman's openKinect library to do it. Also building off the work of some people on this Processing thread. Only tested on Kinect for xbox 360 V1 model 1473 so far. Here it is..



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    Thanks for sharing. I recently tried paid for a CA membership just to follow that tutorial and have been pulling out my hair with no results to show for it. I'll take a look at what you've done and hopefully it works.

    Please let me know if you ever update this for KinectV2. I'll try to hack away at it, but I fear my nascent Processing skills aren't up to the task.

    I get a "No Kinect devices found." error when I run the code and it's fine when I run code specifically for KinectV2. I'll try my best, but...

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