Could anyone please explain what is Qt? What are its benefits and drawbacks (if any). It is the first time I come across it, so I wonder if it is not as widely used as Java or JavaScript. Any explanation would be most welcome. Thank you!


  • Partly, I have read this article. I though that maybe someone had experience working with it and could share it.

  • Qt is for cross-platform GUI development -- it isn't a sketch tool like Processing, and it isn't focused on providing accessible entry-level programming.

    If you are interested in something Processing-like in C++, instead of using a general purpose GUI toolkit like Qt, perhaps check out OpenFrameworks.

    Unlike the Processing approach (Java / JavaScript ... Python, etc.) in Qt I believe you will specify logic in C++ (unless you use bindings) and optionally specify layout in QML/JavaScript.

    If C++ is already familiar or you are looking to learn a new programming language, this might be an advantage -- for beginners the key thing to understand is that programming C++ is quite different from Processing (Java) and has unique challenges.

    For Qt user feedback, I would recommend the newbie areas of Qt forums -- e.g.

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