How to work in andoid with controlP5? Make bigger labels and use keyboard?

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Hi! I have some trouble working with controlP5 and android. I have some scrollable lists and their "head" or "label" size is small. I have make bigger letters but background size is still small. Also how to show keyboard when a textfield is clicked/touched? And third question is, how to make a part of the field scrollable? Something like a menu or small scrollable window?


  • @JonSh===

    I dont know with controlIP5 but with android native classes you can do easily what you want: - you create some textView an set its layout params as you want (width, height,background...) - you add some listener to it with touchEvent - and open the keyboard when it is fired

    as for that see my code here::

  • To adjust the font size in controls, you have to adjust them calling the proper set font size methods associated to the controlP5. Can you show me a snip of your code where it shows what attempts you have done?

    I have not used the keyboard with controlP5. I would suggest using the ketai library.


  • @JohnSh===

    in your case instead of using a textView you can use a listView setting it to scrollable

  • Well thanks for replies. As for the size of controllers i already found the functions.

    I did method that akenaton mentioned and worked. But now I want to fill the field with keyboard input! How can i do that?

    As for keta keyboard i tried several times to download it and it says downloaded but appears nowhere in processing window. It stays in the same folder as controlP5 but when i try to import it it says it doesn't exist. Same thing happens if try to exec examples from ketai. I am using processing 3.2

    I will try latter listView.

  • I am using processing 3.1.2 and ketai works. Something happens in processing 3.2 and maybe maybe few things (lbs) broke. Are you able to run an earlier version of processing to check that ketai works for you? Do you use ketai library exampes to test access to ketai functions? You can find the examples as well in the web:

    For adding text to a field, did you try

    I haven't used keyboard and controlP5 together yet before. It should work though.


  • Hi! Thanks for replies. So far i tried only ketai, and it is the same result even in 3.1.2 :/

  • Late answer: i saw in another answer that i had to change first letter case of folder ketai. And it is done.

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