G4P and PeasyCam in OS X

I can not get G4P controls to work with either peasyCam or proScene in OS X. It seems like mouse events are not passed on to G4P. Things work fine in windows 10. Any suggestions why this is?

Try the example in G4P - "G4P_with_PeasyCam".

OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Processing 3.1.2 G4P 4.0.5 PeasyCam

Best - andreas


  • I have never used proScene so I can't comment on that.

    I have tested this example in 10.11.6 and as you say it doesn't appear to detect the mouse events, but it does work in 10.9.5 so I am not sure what is happening especially as the other G4P examples do work.

    In the last release of G4P the examples included my own compilation of PeasyCam because at the time there was no PeasyCam release compatible with Processing 3. You could try deleting the code folder inside this example to make sure you are using the version of PeasyCam available through the Contributions Manager. I did that but it didn't help :(

    I don't see why using OSX El Capitan should affect this example.

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