Two Issues with the IDE (3.1.2)

I am running the latest 3.1.2 processing IDE. Since I can remember, 3.0, has always had two problems which I have not been able to fix, on any of my computers.

1) There is no way to turn off the Welcome To Processing window. Even when I uncheck the box, the window always opens when I start Processing.

2) Processing never remembers the window position and size from the last time I used it. ( It does not open the last used project either, but that could be by design).

It happens on all 3 of my machines. Running Windows 10 now, but also happened in Windows 7.

Any ideas?


  • Open processing and hit ctrl+, or go to file >> Preferences. At the bottom, it says where your preferences.txt file is located. Open it and go to the last two lines and change welcome.seen=false and That should address one of the issues. Mine were both false and the welcome screen never showed before. I switched them to true and when I unchecked "don't show next time" option, it did not change my preference file and it shows every time I start processing. Odd ~X(


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