Card_UI - Simple UI Library for Processing

Hi, I would like to share a simple UI sketch I wrote, Its design was based on Unity`s Immediate Mode GUI (IMGUI). Which means that most of the UI elements can be dynamically changed on the draw() method. for Example:

if(Button("click me", 0,0)){ println("hello"); } UI Example

On this link: Cards_UI you can find more examples, how to install and the codes.

*note: The version 1.1 (August 9, 2016) needs the "/svg/" folder in order to run the DropDown example.

I really would appreciate any feedback and ideas for new UI elements. Right now I'm working on a simple Style Editor, where the developer can easily change the Interface parameters without coding. (It's pretty simple to do now, with code, but It's easy to design if you can see the result faster).

Also feel free to fork it on Git and contribute with more elements.

Thanks :)

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