How to display one letter at the time?

Hello, Processers!

Here I have this simple matter, I'd wish to display (write) a certain text (best out from txt. file) one letter at the time. This' I'd assume would't be difficult, but there's more: Could it be possible to write characters on top of each other until program encounters characters such as vowels and spaces and then write the text with normal spacing again? For example: if text such as "quick brown fox jumps" comes up, processing would display "q" and "i" on top of each other, then "i", and then "c", "k" overlayed again. Then space, "b", "r", "o" on top of each other, and "w" and "n" on one another and so on.

Help from you guys would be much much appreciated!!



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    do it step by step

    can you store your text "quick brown fox jumps" and show it using text()?

    work from there

    post your entire code here

  • Thing is that text I'd like to display is crazy long, I took "quick brown fox jumps" just as an example...:(

  • it's a good example for a start, as it's a pangram. get that working and then use your crazy long text.

    small steps...

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    use loadStrings to load something crazy long....

    then use a for loop (or 2 nested ones) using charAt()

    See Reference

    We can help you but we can't do it for you

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