render off frame / not on fps realtime

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Hi, I am struggling finding a solution for this. Basically I have some animation in processing which has a duration of about 3 minutes. Final goal would be to have something like a video in HD of my animation.

I tried different methods, one is which works in some way. But the bigger the quality the sooner the animation (after 1min) is getting slower and off sync to the original FPS (FrameRate) settings.

I already looked into which does not has a good export option either. I want to create a abstract graphics music video (different music instruments are used as input for generating different visuals).

General question: Is there a way to render animations off screen and not in realtime in processing? So that I could export my animation in high quality within a correct frame rate? Thanks a lot.



  • Well just saying, I tried the movieMaker tool when using saved images with "saveFrame()" but it does not give me the smootheness and quality I need. Or do I need to have different settings in some way?

  • draw() will take as long as it needs to create a frame. calling saveFrame(); at the bottom of draw() will save that frame. you can then stitch all the files together using an external program.

    but this depends on your program not being dependant on things like time() or millis() or synced with a music file, say.

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