University of the People?

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Do you have any experiences or opinions about the University of the People?

I am a musician and music teacher, 27 years old, living in Europe. During the past 2 years I have been more and more interested in coding. I have been messing around with Processing, p5.js, Unity3d (C# scripting), web development... I can't make make enough money with music and I would love to get more seriously into computer science and programming, therefore I thought of going for a Bachelor in CS. I don't have enough money to afford any traditional university where I live. The only online university I can afford is probably the UoP ( I can't afford the Western Governors University or the Open University.

Do you think I should go for it? At the moment I really like the idea. Do you think I'd better learn by myself and that UoP's degree will not give much help in finding a job in the future? edX and Youtube do offer a lot for free, but studying a structured program designed by this board seems very valuable to me (

Thanks in advance for your help!


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