Processing limits?

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Hello! Does anybody can tell me the limits of Processing please? Compared to competing products, what Processing can not do? Thank you!


  • You're asking a lot, and I don't think you realize it.

    The short answer: Processing is about as limited as Java.

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    My favorite one for Android, see @akenaton 's comment in the following post:

    However this is not a show-stopper. Processing is quite powerful for fast prototyping and for starters. If you are looking to create multiple activities, then you need to switch to eclipse or Android Studio. Working with multiple activities will imply to me you understand very well what goes under the hood (in Android) and probably you will find P3 limiting in your personal aspirations.

    It works well for me though. I am still exploring more into java libraries and P3's own libraries.


  • Thanks a lot for your answers.

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