Drop library drag-and-drop not working in P2D or P3D mode

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sDrop works fine with the default renderer, but if the sketch is running in P2D or P3D mode, drag-n-drop does not work anymore, for example :

size(400, 400, P3D);

Any workaround for this?



  • Indeed, did you find a solution? I can't use sDrop because Syphon needs P2D or P3D.

  • Appears to work fine with renderer OPENGL which should be equal to P3D nowadays.

  • Not working for me with OPENGL. Only with default renderer.

  • Could you confirm what Processing version, OS, and library version you are using?

  • OS X 10.11.6 Processing 3.2.1 Drop 1.0.2 (from the internal libraries import)

  • I have the same problem on Processing 3.3.3 and Drop 1.0.2..

    Did anybody find a solution for this problem?

    Or is there an other way to drag and drop files into a P3D sketch??

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