3d triangulation library

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What is the best and actual library for triangulation of 3d vertices?



  • What do you mean?

  • I mean that there is some libraries, that helps to work with 3d-triangulation of group of points. I think, this is called "Delaunay triangulation", not sure, I just became interested in 3d in processing.

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    sorry for the confusion - 'triangulation' was a bit vague

    i haven't used it but it looks promising


    unfortunately it's not in the list of libraries that 'import library' shows me but you might be able to install it manually.

    that said, in the import list, there are a couple of things that might help:

    Computational Geometry
    igeo - http://igeo.jp/ specifically mentions delauney

  • I have tried this http://leebyron.com/mesh/ before. But I can't understand how to make it work with 3d, there is only two coordinates, and if I add a third coordinate, the code is broken.

  • thanks for links

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    The Triangulate library by Nicolas Clavaud is what you're looking for.

    You can find the original 2D example here and a 3D working example here.

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