Microphone input iOS mediastreamtrack

I am working on a project that requires a mic input from a mobile phone. I am using the p5.js sound library and everything is working fine on Android (Chrome). Unfortunately I get the message "mediastreamtrack not supported" when I open the website in iOS (both Safari and Chrome).

I wasn't able to find a solution so far. Is there a way to fix this? I am using getLevel(), fft.analyze(), and fft getEnergy(). But it would be enough to just get the Level.

Thank you!


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    The simple answer is that this is bleeding edge technology: the specification is still in a draft state. As such browser support is patchy at best.

    I'm pretty sure another issue you may face is that some browsers will block access to device audio/video input unless on a secure connection (I haven't found a reference yet; but pretty sure this is the recommendation)... So compared to Processing, implementing this type of user input on p5js is going to be non-trivial for most users :(

    See MDN reference for more info.

  • thank you for your reply! unfortunately not really what I wanted to hear :-S

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