Sprite Sheets vs Using SVG

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Hello, Many games use sprite sheets which are essentially a series of concatenated images showing the sprite doing a particular animation. Typically these are in pixel by pixel form. I was wondering though about the usage of SVG for sprite creation. It seems as though one could more programatically define a sprite and call the 'children' of the SVG, thereby having a bit more control over what to animate in real time. However, I can't seem to find much in the way of libraries supporting this. Is it just easier to do sprite sheets? Does anyone have any opinion on whether it might be more trouble than its worth to deal with SVG? I know there is Inkscape, a program to write svg files. Has anyone ever used SVG sprites in games?

Thanks for your time Aaron



  • just leaving some notes in case anyone is interested. i did some experiments with rendering a small sprite as an image vs svg using a quadtree for collisions. the onyl variable that was changed was the renderer used (either using image, vs using shape). using image allowed for more objects to be drawn on screen before the framerate would drop below 60fps. the image renderer is very efficient. shape render is not as efficient, but still ok. i also tried using geomerative's method for drawing a shape and it was not very efficient at all.

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