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When increasing the number of objects from a class I get always the error: outOfMemory but all memory settings are far behind the allocated memory: In Processing I increased maximum of memory: 3793 mb (I do not work with images or video just a bit of data visualization.)

Using the functions of the FAQ for this kind of error I get the following values . The amount of memory allocated so far (usually the -Xms setting): 64487424 (bytes).

Free memory out of the amount allocated (value above minus used): 52834856 (bytes).

The maximum amount of memory that can eventually be consumed by this application. This is the value set by the Preferences dialog box to increase the memory settings for an application: 3536322560 (bytes).

system: win7 64bit, Java Build 1.8.0_91-b14 (64bit)

a screenshot from console: 2016-05-15_outOfmemory


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    I see I did not place the functions inside draw so only startvalues were printed. And increasing the memory to 10000 mb the error disappears.

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    What is the class?

    How much memory does each object require?

    How many objects are being stored?

    Where in your code are you creating new objects?

    Sounds like you are either using a huge amount of memory or a memory leak due to logical error(s) in your code.

  • Hi Quark,

    I had trouble with a recovery and my system was down for 2 days.

    Now I could follow your questions and discovered that inside the regarding class was one 4d - array with altogether 1201408 Strings of analysis data - once written for debugging and development issues and for normal use totally unnecessary. After commenting that out the total allocated memory went down from around 3500 to 130 mb (I had 12 of those class instances) means each object was consuming about 285 mb.

    Thanks a lot for your answer! :)

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