what do you do after being done programming with JAVA using processing?

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whats next? i been using VS2013 lately and i like it i use C++ and some C# "still learning" but getting to my point some of the program i modified or made using VS i cant replicate in Processing using JAVA so im not sure what to do ? i have this program i love and want to keep working on BUT some of it essentials are in Processing and the thing is that both P2 and VS are both using the Serial port to communicate with the Arduino so theres a clash where both programs are fighting for the port specially when Visual Servoing between Arduino and Processing while the VS takes care of the Speech engine and synthesizer, what are my options ?


  • ... and i like it i use C++...


  • see thats the thing loop i dont just want to keep learning new ide's if i cant do anything with my previews work 'sketches' i have some pretty good practical programs but right now it seems like they are only limited to processing, it be nice if i can take some of my processing sketches and import/bring in to vs2013 ide but this vs is in C not java so this is why im asking my main Q

  • Only PDE (Processing's IDE) can deal w/ ".pde" files.
    You can use other Java IDEs if you convert ".pde" to ".java" though.

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    oh yeah? how do we convert?

  • Well, a ".pde" is 95% ".java" already. Just some tidbits like color sugar datatype, everything w/ . is float instead of double, add public, etc.
    All of that is tasked by PDE's pre-processor. You just need to do the same in order to use another IDE.

  • Thanks Loop.

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    @GoToLoop i guess i was left afterwards confused as to what is it im supposed to do when converting .

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    repost ooops.

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