How to open a .txt file that I created using createWriter() at any time??

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I created a .txt file using createWriter(). And I have been trying to open the .txt file that this output generates using launch(). The problem with this is that using launch() I must close the output with output.close() so I wont be able to write in the .txt file again and in my program I have information that I need to save coming constantly. So How can I open my .txt file at any time??


  • PrintWriter output; void setup() { output = createWriter("historial_alarmas.txt"); }

    void draw() {

    output.print("HELLO") delay(1000); if(mausePressed){

    output.flush(); output.close(); launch(path); } }

    Here I made something so you can have an idea of what I have in my main code(wich is too long that is why I made this example). in this example The .txt is printed with the word "HELLO" every second. if I pressed the mouse the file will open but the word wont be printed again. I need to do something to open the .txt whenever I want and still saving data on it.. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • why dont you use saveString method ?


  • blyk I tried with it but I does not work for me because I have to print complete sentences in my real code and that function prints each word of the sentence in the next line of the .txt

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