Exported application fails. need to code signing? How to sign?

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I exported an application. I opens fine on my computer using mac 10.9 which I used for the export. but when open it on another mac with 10.7 it doesnt work. First I thought it was because of old operating system so I tried to export it with processing 2 instead of 3 but with the same result.

I looked in the system logs and it says permission denied error. I guess its because the application is not signed (?) and the apple Gatekeeper system prevent it from open.

How can I sign my exported application? Any help would be very much appreciated!



  • PerPer
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    I tried export a very simple sketch just containing an ellipse and that worked fine though. So I guess its something with my sketch thats unabled to be opended after export?

    heres the sketch. but as I said. It works fine exported on 10.9

     import static javax.swing.JOptionPane.*;
    int w;
    int h;
    float pW, pH, plattorNrH, plattorNrW;
    float tileSize = 148;
    float fog = 3;
    void settings() {
      plattorNrH = float(showInputDialog("Number of tiles:"));
      plattorNrW = float(showInputDialog("Number of tiles:"));
      h = int((plattorNrH * (tileSize+fog))-fog);
      w = int((plattorNrW * (tileSize+fog))-fog);
      size(w, h);
    void setup() {
      for (float x = 0; x < w; x = x + tileSize+fog) {
        for (float y = 0; y < h; y = y + tileSize+fog) {
          fill(random(255), 200);
          rect(x, y, tileSize, tileSize);
      showMessageDialog(null, "height (" +int(plattorNrH) + "): " + h + " mm   width (" +int(plattorNrW) + "): " + w + " mm");
  • PerPer
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    found the solution. writing it here if someone else encounter the same. I exported it with processing 2 instead for running on os x 10.7. And also you cannot run it with just setup (as I did) exported. You also need the draw. Easy and maybe obvious solution but anyhow ...

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