Exported applications do not run with El Capitan


I am having problems running exported applications on Macs running El Capitan (and possible other versions on OS X, I had it running on a machine running Yosemite but another user reported that it did not run on his Mac with Yosemite).

If I export the application and then run that application on my machine it works fine (I am running El Capitan) but if I zip it then upload it to dropbox when it is downloaded again (onto my machine or others) it will not run and gives the following error:

“PROJECTNAME” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

This is really frustrating and upsetting as I am in the final stages of a year long Uni project and I cannot get it out to users to test it (a significant portion of my grade). Does anyone have any idea why this is not working and any work-arounds? I need to get this working in the next few days really.

I am running the latest version of Processing (3.0.2).

Thank you so much for any help,




  • sounds like the zipping or the uploading is corrupting something.

    zip it, md5sum the zip file, upload it, download it and md5sum the download, see if they differ

  • Yeah they are differnt. I have also just confirmed that zipping and unzipping locally does not break it (not that I expected it to).

    Perhaps Dropbox is doing something to the files when they are uploaded? Any ideas?

  • I just tried this with my google drive as well and had the same issue if that helps.

  • what are you zipping them with? can you tar / gz them instead?

    what does file say about the zip file?

    file your_file.zip

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