How to create a dynamic typface

Hi guys, i'm working on my bachelor thesis and trying to create a dynamic font in hebrew. I want to work on an existing typeface, and to have the options to play with its width, hight, weight, serifs, contrasts and basically the ability to move and play with the dots of the shape as I want. here is an example that I saw that was created using Processing: I really have no idea where to begin with. What should I do?


  • The geomerative library was always the thing to use to modify ttf fonts

    but i'm not sure whether it works in processing3 though.

    Geomerative (rev 39) for Processing 2.0b8 (April 30 2013)

  • I downloaded this library and started to play with it, but still didn't figure how to do it. can you be a little more specific, please?

  • edited March 2016

    actually, that installed just fine using the 'add library' menu option and the examples i tried seemed ok.

  • what do I need to do if i want to move between font weights - interactively?

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