Exported program not working on some computers

For the 7DRL game jam I made a game in processing, but unfortunately it seems it isn't working on some computers. On my machines, both a windows 7 and a windows 8 computer, it works without issue, but I've been told that on some windows 7 computers the application will launch, but only show a grey screen (which sounds a bit like what happens when you run a sketch but have no code in the draw() function, leading me to believe that something is causing an issue before the draw loop even completes). Since I'm unable to reproduce this issue I don't really know where to go from here to fix the issue. The game, with source code, is available here

EDIT: I think I might have found the problem. Apparently if a sketch attempts to use loadImage(), and there is a "+" anywhere in the filepath of the application, the application will fail to run and instead just display a blank gray screen. Reporting this to the github issues page right now.

EDIT 2: https://github.com/processing/processing/issues/4366

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