control volume with mousewheel

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I have code which uses peasyCam for camera control and minim to play a music file. As part of the peasyCam controls, you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

My question is in two parts.

  1. can the mouse wheel be used to control two things - the zoom and the volume? I want the music to increase as the user zooms in.

  2. how can this be achieved using minim?

Thank you in advance



  • Processing has a mouseWheel function. Use the example in the link to count how much you have scrolled up or down and then apply it to the volume. I haven't used minim before, but I'm guessing there is a var that controls the volume.

  • Thank you. It seems there's an issue with minim that makes it difficult!

  • Perhaps you could post your code and explain where the issues occurs?

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